Liberty Baptist

Love God, love people, love life

Come fill your soul and find rest

And thus you shall greet him: "Peace be to you, and peace be
to your house, and peace be to all that you have." 1 Samuel 25:6

Mission, Vision,  Purpose Statements


(Who We Are)

The mission of the Liberty Baptist Church ministries is to bring persons lost, hurting, unsaved and unloved into a saving and redemptive relationship as Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a Spiritual body whose only foundation is the Word of God. We fulfill our ministry as we proclaim and teach, pray and worship, forgive and reconcile. As we live by Christ's example, we empower others to carry out the commands of God. We seek only to be God's servants as agents of healing and wholeness in a wounded and fragmented world, creating an atmosphere conducive to Christian growth, edification, empowerment and education.


(What We Intend to Do)

Liberty Baptist Church is a Bible believing Church ordained by God to teach the infallible, uncompromising Word of God as recorded in the Holy Bible with power, authority and clarity. We are a vibrant, multicultural congregation whose vision is as broad as the grace of God. We are a church in transition, building on the strength of our historic past while claiming this community for the ministry that God has given to us. We are developing a ministry to families with a continuing emphasis on the social dimensions of the gospel carrying out the mandate of Matthew 28:19-20 and Luke 4:18-19.


(Why We Exist)

Our purpose is (1) to seek, invite, and compel people to come to Christ, establish a personal relationship with Him, and belong to a local family of believers, and (2) to teach and equip people to progressively, and wholly love, magnify, and obey God through worship, fellowship, discipleship, and service.

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