Please know that the diaconate will be doing everything to ensure the safety of this packaging. They will be wearing masks and gloves as they put the elements, bread and wine packet into the ziplock bags. The men will do the same when passing them out to you between that timeline mentioned. 

What’s important here is that you provide your Deacon with the correct amount of packets you need for those eligible family members who have been baptized and desiring to participate in communion. Your Deacon will be getting with you this week, if they haven’t by now. 

In my initial instructions to our chairman, Deacon Thomas, I made the point that you can administer communion to yourself and your family members. That choice is still yours. The idea here is NOT to have any servant leader going into homes just for the sake of administering communion. Obviously, this is for safety reasons. 

That being said, it should be understood that IF you are unable to watch the livestream on Sunday, or you will be out of town, then, there’s no harm in your having communion on Saturday in your home once you get your packet.

However, if you are able to watch the livestream, then you have the option of waiting until Sunday...after the shared word, and at that time I will address communion by simply administering it...again, AFTER the message. 

I know I’ve said it, but I can’t stress enough the fact that there is no obligation to wait until Sunday, especially if you know you will not be able to join the livestream. Also, you can still do it Sunday even if you can’t login or sign into the livestream. I am simply making the point that you have a choice as to Saturday or Sunday when we go live on our church website. 

Thank you for your attention in this matter and feel free to get with your Deacon if something I’ve said here is still not clear to you. I look forward to the fellowship this coming Sunday and our first communion for those who can join us remembrance of Him. The Him being our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Until all have heard, I remain...

Pastor Darden