According to the directive that the Mayor sited, houses of worship cannot have more than 10 people gathered at one time until April 5th which is Palm Sunday. As a result of this, and after seeking the Lord on our behalf, I have made the decision to comply with what the Mayor has directed (the Law and the leading of the Spirit of God—


1. We are suspending Sunday school, church worship and bible study until after the 5th of April. 


2. In the mean time, and for this Sunday (22nd), I will meet with media personnel at the church to record the message for live streaming. 


Note: it’s also my intent to add the choir, no more than 8-10 to next Sunday’s recording (29th). Not sure until I poll the choir to see who would be available. 


I am instructing our church administrator, Sis. Ebony Hicks to continue to live stream and upload our recorded messages to our YouTube channel and Facebook page, or just continue on our Facebook page. The links can be found on our church website:


This is how we will continue to stay connected as members and  your pastor. 


That being said, although we are unable to worship together at the church, I need to remind you of the importance of meeting our monetary obligation. 


To do so, you can still give electronically while you are out. You can give through our PayPal online giving (via our website), by mail, and those who would like to stop by the church to give your tithe and offering may do so during our designated hours (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-1:30pm). You can drop off in the mail box on the side entrance on Forest street, or you can give it personally to our church secretary, Sis. Brooks who will serve as our kiosk station at the church during those hours. 


We will continue to pray and seek the Lord, because He is still the author and finisher of all our faith. This has been one of the toughest decisions to make, mainly because of the separation of church and state. However, the welfare and safety of all is of utmost importance here, as well as, making sure that we set the example and comply with what our city leaders are asking us to do in terms of our part for the safety of everyone involved.


My calling to fulfill,


D. Alvin Darden, Jr. 

Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church