To remember is to bring to remembrance, to have some event or
opportunity come into the mind again, to think of the past, may
be either good or bad.

Our food for thought today is taken from a certain rich man who
fared well in his life on earth but went to hell after death. When
he cried and asked for mercy, he was reminded to
“REMEMBER” some things about his lifetime on earth. This was
a late hour to think them over.

Make no mistake about it, every man should do his thinking while
he has an opportunity to repent and fix his wrongs.

The story of the rich man and Lazarus is a true one. God referred
to is as a fact. It’s true that Jesus spoke often in parables, but
would start His stories with such statements as, “And He spake a
parable unto them,” “The Kingdom of heaven is as a man
traveling into a far country,” and at other time when the writers
related some of His parables, they would start with such
statements, “And he spake many things unto them in parables,
saying”; but when He related the story of the rich man He SAID,
“there was a certain rich man,” “There was a certain beggar.

Abraham asked Dives to remember some things. While he lived
in luxury, he wouldn’t have listened, wouldn’t have had time, but
now, after it’s too late, he is read to listen and talk it over with
Abraham. God talked with Him, to REMIND Him—

1. Remember You Had Good Things in Your Life. Everything
to make him comfortable. He wanted nothing. Had servants, a
fine home, fine clothes, honor, fame, and all that it takes to
make life comfortable. His memory was still good.

2. Remember Lazarus Had Evil Things. His mercy was still
good. He remembered the poor beggar lying at the gate,
hungry and suffering with sores.

3. Now He is Comforted and Thou Art Tormented. By this time
Dives was a believer. He knew that he was tormented and that
Lazarus was yonder at rest with Abraham. Such words from
Abraham only added to his torments. Strangely enough, he
could see into heaven, but he couldn’t go there. This added to
his torment.

Here is this rich man, who had become poor, was now in hell. He
had changed his mind. He had lost his pride and self-respect. He
had become a beggar. He had humbled himself.

I wonder, can you remember God talking to you at various times
in your life? Whoever you are, REMEMBER! The rich man did,
but it was too late. One day it might be too late for you.

This has been your Food for your Soul Moment!


Someone Who Remembered before it’s too late