If you are going to be called a fisherman, it stands to reason that
you should be acquainted with the sea; for a true fisherman must
know how to allure fish.

A true fisherman must possess patience. For often they toiled at
night and caught nothing. The Lake of Galilee was a treacherous
sea, but these disciples went when called upon to go.

Likewise, whenever and wherever we are called, we must go, and
with patience we must continue to toil. Preachers must toil.
Teachers must toil. We all, must toil, even when our toiling
catches nothing.

A true fisherman must also know how to persevere and expect.
This means, no matter how hard it may seem to fish at day or at
night, you and I, at Christ’s bidding must be as good fishermen
and launch out, expecting a catch.

We must sow the seed beside all the waters. And, make no
mistake about it, it is a brave heart and firm faith that God desires
from anyone who is willing to be a fisherman.

Here is something to keep in mind the next time you go fishing:
In the disciple’s day, torches burned at night because fish are
attracted by the glare of the light, others by ground bait. So, the
disciples specialized in the study of fish—to include their habits.

You and I must learn to do the same if we are to be great fishers
of men. We must study pursuits, habits, and lives of people. And,
then, we must learn to use tact.

Remember how Jesus fished, and imitate Him.

  • Always go to the right place.
  • Always go at the right time. Some fish are best caught at
    sunlight, others in the shadow.
  • Always do it in the right way . There are 153 species of fish.
  • Some are caught by hook, some by net, some by spear, some
    by harpoon. Whatever your method—learn to adapt your style
    or method.
  • Always choose the right bait . That is, the Word of God! And
  • Always exercise patience.

This has been a food for your soul moment!